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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 17, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> at the statehouse, demanding that the state legislature give everyone over 16 a drivers license undocumented applicants, illegal immigrants, everyone. >> an open door. >> a new mission. $70 million. his best impression of walking on water, skating on ice.
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>> bionic legs are allowing people to escape. >> making people's dreams come true. [speaking in native tongue] >> giving everyone over 16 a drivers license, undocumented applicants, illegal immigrants, everyone. >> 500,000 immigrants living in new jersey who will benefit from drivers licenses. >> they try to pack the budget committee room, licenses for illegals, new source of money and akita safer roads.
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>> five times more likely to be in a fatal car accident and ten times more likely. >> on the monday after scores of people were killed and so many more wounded there were questions like the ones assembly woman holly ship easy raised about whether the bill would lower security standards. [inaudible] >> questioning, aa proponent of the bill. it is important not to confuse road safety with national security. >> and to know the laws.
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>> now, testifies against the bill calls and the question the timing and the language of the legislative push. >> piecemeal, the language of the statute was very difficult. if they don't satisfy within the statute, get a secondary hearing. becoming an open door vetting. >> any bill that allows drivers license are illegal immigrants region bill. the numbers for the senate and assembly bills are right here below me.
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♪ >> sentence in a home invasion robbery incest -- sussex county. elizabeth cooper, 21 oppressed and was sentenced to five years in state prison. three of six people involved in the december 2013 armed robbery and green township when his wife answered the door, the group founder at gunpoint and filled the back >> well, at it again, but you might know him by his alter ego. of covered him before in anticipation of the arrival of pope francis to philadelphia. he has a new mission and it is a big one. i met him and city hall in
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philadelphia for the opening of a new ice-skating rink. he started a go fund me campaign, $70 million. now he wants to open a ministry to spread the words of jesus christ every creature in existence. this ministry would be a huge building equipped with cars, helicopters, and even maybe a light jet. i asked him where the $70 million number came from then i asked a little bit about his mission. he's definitely not shy about that. >> go across the whole globe daughter and glorify one man. the gospel to the average creation. the gospel to every single creature.
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>> strapped on his ice skates and it is best impression of walking on water. skating eyes. ♪ >> even philly jesus has to put his skates on one skated the time. >> a pretty aggressive skater. it did not take long before he was politely asked to get off the ice. >> we want you to come home. >> now, everyone had their eyes on him. i asked a philly native what he thinks. he basically said more power to him. >> a positive message.
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the big goal. more power to him if he can raise it. >> i want to know what you guys think. is he a little loopy? tweet me to talk about it. you can always tweet the show. >> not every day you get to hold the door open for jesus. ♪ >> that old-time religion and the side of linguine. congratulations to lindsay miller who recently won the right to where a colander on her head for drivers license photograph. the dmv originally denied her right to where the strainer. a pasta far in, member of the church of the flying spaghetti monster. they finally relented,
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licenses printed, and it is not even the 1st. >> 699. ♪ ♪ >> bionic legs are allowing them to pop up to his feet with the push of a button. >> allows paraplegics not only stand up tall. >> an exoskeleton for myself. mariana greene's., a 53 -year-old army veteran from the bronx who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2,001. >> november 9. i fell off the ladder and landed across the letter.
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>> now thanks to robert downey junior and ironman weighing about 50 pounds, it consists of leg braces, motors, velcro straps, risk and remote control, battery, and a computer that can sense. >> it is even capable. activated. new line wheelchairs. the unintended benefits that he's gotten from being able to get back on his feet. core muscles of gotten
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stronger india scale back on his use of prescription pain medication. $77,000. >> americo i have been asking for. >> the robotic legs are opening up the men to new opportunities, one that has been so adventurous since his injury. >> skydiving. >> scuba diving as well. >> this mechanism right here was created in israel and it makes people's dreams come true. and it can help them walk and stand. it's all a dream about. >> think of them as a drink tonight. get to do it in real life.
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>> you are in the middle of this learning curve. we're seeingwere seeing a revolution in process. >> in a way it shockingly inexpensive. less a hundred thousand dollars and now he's taking on his life in a different way. he also think of how much money he's bending on pain medication and how much better his organs can function and his muscles now that he is using them again. >> two of the performing animals love the city of brotherly love so much. >> is not something you see every day. ♪ >> another day in the life of being a chaser.
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>> we report the news. but we do it differently.
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>> you never know with this guy. surgery after surgery.
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>> is it? >> that's the the boy. >> thank you. bill: ready? ♪ >> bebop. >> they love being in the city of brotherly love so much they escape the circus. all around. after a brief chase they were rounded up and brought back. >> something taste so good all you can do, a huge fan
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to say thank you. >> after he missed. >> a big day in the new jersey state senate. the 1st ever hearing on legalizing marijuana in the state of new jersey happen today. went down to see what they were talking about. >> a big day in the state house. the line went out the door. the medical and legal experts. >> a one in three chance of having a cancer diagnosed. the one in three chance of having chronic pain, a significant condition, and furthermore marijuana helps with the dying process.
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temporal illness. >> the 5th state to legalize marijuana. it would not help the case of john padilla, growing 17 marijuana plants in the pinelands. he faces a mandatory minimum of ten years in jail command we will find out his sentencing on december 21. marijuana should be legal and that he was not hurting anybody, say should not of been convicted. he failed in that argument, but it's good to.-- to point out that the legislature will make that point for him. >> is he regretting anything right now? >> certainly regretting being in jail but not what he did to take the case to
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trial. there are so many people rotting away in jail waiting for the loss to change. but i don't know about the county that he did it in. that was the right thing to do. today he is sitting in jail. what does marijuana mean to you both today? >> marijuana is a plan that god put on this earth to help us. imperfect human beings. very mild substance that can look at things in a different way and have a few different perspectives and give more in touch with your body. of course some people abuse it, but most people who use it use it responsibly. >> i'm for legalization, but you know a lot. you can call it wrong if you want to.
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he knew what the law was and now he is paying the price. i agree with him spiritually, but i would've never done that. >> ten years minimum without the possibility of parole. murderers, rapists, arsonists. >> keep chasing. >> thank you very much. >> it takes for very special little girls. ♪ >> into the chopper. >> or not. >> next "chasing news". >> i even know the high-speed chases the sign.
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♪ >> as we know, broadway shows her huge production to take a huge amount of effort whenwhen it comes to making these shows up and it takes a village. in the case of matilda on broadway it takes for very special and insightful little girls. meet alexandra, mattea command riley mcdonald. those are the four rotating
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matilda's that caught me -- taught me an important lesson, one taken straight out of the pages of this classic children's book that had broadway in 2017. ♪ >> five nominations and this year was named time magazine's number one show of the year. >> a children's show, but really it's like an adult and a children's show. >> i was blown away. they come out. so much so that i lost sight of the important weapon that they reminded me out, bullying is never okay. >> do you guys think it's okay? >> no. >> right? >> absolutely. that's true.
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>> a part of a very physically demanding production. it is my duty to put myself in the shoes, so i tried my hand. >> this. yeah. a squash. >> this inspired me to head on over to the theater. bill: tell me, you mentioned bullying a couple of times. is it a public service announcement? a great command attending place? >> definitely not. it's an underlying message throughout. i read the book when i was younger. you can be yourself and be
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loved by all and truly just enjoy your life and be who you are. >> it was the most devastating thing i've ever been through. >> a standstill is nothing. >> one woman's fight to reveal the army's public secret. >> into the chopper. >> or not. >> why new york city wants to ban helicopters next "chasing news". >> have a story we should know about? by logging on to "high speed ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good morning i'm fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr. the cold air is coming. the jet stream is going to take temporary dip during the late morning hours today. and we are going to definitely feel a chill. it's not going to last all that long. but then it really will be moving in over the weekend for
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your tuesday 50's. warming up wednesday. rain and wind for thursday. and then the cool air moves in for a bunch of days right
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not the other way around. (whimpering) heh. narrator: neptune-- eighth planet from the sun. a mystery now, we hope to have close-up photos from voyager 2 in 1989. we do have them! they're my home screen! miss hoover, once again, the lesson plan i prepared would have covered this topic much better. but i can see...


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